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ADIDEU2 - IDE to USB 2.0 converter
IDE to USB 2.0/1.1 converter. Convert any Addonics USIB35 cartridge cradles or IDE drive cradles to a hot swap drive bay with USB connection. Convert any IDE hard drive to USB 2.0/1.1 interface. Mount directly on the back of the hard drive.
Productexcl GSTincl GST
ADIDEU2 - IDE to USB 2.0 converterList$49.60$57.04
Saturn Hot Swap Converter Kit
Our Saturn Hot Swap Converter Kits provide IDE Drive Cradle users with the ability to create a hot swappable removable hard drive system using the Saturn IDE Extender board. IDE models of the Saturn Combo Hard Drive System and Saturn Mobile Rack are now able to use USB 2.0 and SATA connectors. This solution is excellent for current IDE Drive Cradle owners to upgrade their desktop systems with hot swap capability.

The following instructions cover the installation of the Saturn IDE Extender (AASIDE2) onto the Saturn IDE Drive Cradle, along with the installation of either the IDE to Serial ATA Converter (ADIDESA) or the IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter (ADIDEU2).
1. Attach the male end of the Saturn IDE Extender (AASIDE2) to the IDE connector located at the rear end of the drive cradle. Make sure the female connector's IDE key pin is facing up.
For Serial ATA Converter
2a. Attach the IDE to Serial ATA Converter (ADIDESA) to the female IDE connector Saturn IDE Extender (AASIDE2).
For USB 2.0 Converter
2b. Attach the IDE - USB 2.0 Converter (ADIDEU2) to the female IDE connector on the Saturn IDE Extender (AASIDE2).
3. To enable hot swap capability, make sure to connect the 4 pin power cord from the power connector on either the IDE to Serial ATA Converter (ADIDESA) or IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter (ADIDEU2) to the small two pin power sensing connector at the back of the Saturn drive cradle.

Description and Package Content
IDE to Serial ATA Converter Kit
Package content:
Saturn IDE Extender, IDE to SATA Converter
IDE to USB 2.0 Converter Kit
Package content:
Saturn IDE Extender, IDE to USIB 2.0 Converter

Saturn IDE Extender
Package content: Saturn IDE Extender


IDE - Serial ATA Converter
Package content: 1 IDE to Serial ATA converter, 1 SATA cable. Length - 100 cm (3 feet), 1 Y-power cable to connect power to the IDE hard drive and to the IDE-Serial ATA converter, 1 power cable to Addonics Combo Hard Drive drive cradle or Pocket ExDrive drive cradle for hot swap function


IDE - USB 2.0 Converter
Package content:
IDE - USB 2.0 converter, power Y cable, Power cable for  Addonics Mobile Rack, Driver CD, 12-inch connecting cable for pin header USB connector on motherboard, User Guide

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