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AD5SAPM-E - 5 x 1 eSATA Port Mulitplier
5X1 eSATA Port Multiplier. Package content: Port multiplier on mounting bracket, plus user guide.
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AD5SAPM-E - 5 x 1 eSATA Port MulitplierList$179.00$205.85
5X1 eSATA Port Multiplier

5X1 eSATA Port Multiplier

The Addonics 5X1 eSATA Port Multiplier (PM) enables SATA hard drives to be configured for a wide range of storage applications. Build to fit perfectly into the Addonics Storage Tower and many standard 2 bays or larger SCSI enclosure, this Port Multiplier can combine up to 5 SATA hard drives into one eSATA connection. The 5 drives can be set up as individual drives, as RAID set or with JBOD to become one large hard drive depending on the controller. When multiple PMs are combined with Addonics 4-Port eSATA controller with PM support, you can attach externally a whopping 20 SATA hard drives to your computer via 1 controller!


For more detail information on Port Multiplier technology, please review the following URL link:

Product Features

                     Connect up to 5 SATA or SATA II hard drives via 1 eSATA port

                     Up to 3Gbits/sec

                     Work with the following Addonics host controller: ADSA3GX4R5-E, AD2SA3GPX1, ADSA3GPX1-2E, ADSA3GPX1-E

                     Drives can be configured as RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5 or JBOD when connect to one of the Addonics RAID5 controllers with PM support

                     Designed to fit Addonics Storage Tower or the standard 2-bay or 5-bay enclosure with SCSI-1 (Centronic 50pin) back panel

                     LED Pin Headers for Host & 5 devices & Power On & System Ready

                     Compliant with SATA II external specification

                     Support hot swap

                     Support SATA optical drive

                     OS independent

* Port Multiplier does not work with SATA controller that has no PM support. Check with your system supplier to confirm the PM support on your existing SATA port



Description and Package Content


5X1 eSATA Port Multiplier
Package content:
Port Multiplier on mounting bracket, user guide



                     5x1 native SATA II Port Multiplier

                     Shielded and durable eSATA connector for host connection

                     Full support for FIS-based switching and command-based switching SATA host

                     Advanced data aggregation architecture for ultra-fast read and write operations with
FIS-based switching controllers

                     LED Pin Headers for Host & 5 devices & Power On & System Ready

                     Auto-negotiation support for 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps SATA

                     Compliant with SATA II external specification

                     Support Hot-swapping and ATAPI device

                     OS independent

                     Dimension (W x D x H) - 82 mm x 22 mm x 49 mm.

                     1 year warranty

Note: specification subject to change without notice

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